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Best Cruiser bikes are the true antithesis of fast and light road bikes. These bicycles, as the name implies, are designed to comfortably enjoy the city. They are characterized by their unmistakable retro design, a high handlebar and a comfortable and relaxed positioning. The covers are often wider than normal, which means they absorb better the vibrations and irregularities of the terrain. Choose your favorite color and enjoy your Cruiser bike!

The elegance of Best Cruiser bikes is unparalleled. With a bar that usually goes directly towards the rear wheel, instead of the saddle, as in normal bikes, cruise bikes have their own unmistakable stamp that makes them win the affection of millions of lovers of the cyclist or cyclist universe .

Its particular aesthetic was very popular back in the forties and fifties of the last century, becoming a reference for those who chose to use the bicycle as a vehicle for leisure and relaxation. However, in its later evolution, Best Cruiser bikes that has been classified and located perhaps halfway between the mountain bike and the urban.

With a braking system that has historically responded to the mechanism of the control pedal, Best Cruiser bikes has been lacking changes through plates and sprockets, so the frequency of pedaling was always the same. Over the years, these bikes, also known as T- shirts , cruisers or beach cruisers , began to come in with tires of a significant thickness; The large diameter of the wheels caused that many young people decided to bet by the Best Cruiser bikes to make virguerías and to climb by ramps and steps.