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Best hybrid bikes info.

The Best hybrid bikes or trekking for men and women of Cloot are quick and versatile, they are designed for the practice of cycling . If you are looking to buy a hybrid bike or cheap trekking that suits the countryside or the city the Cloot Adventure will not disappoint. These Trekking or Hybrid bikes with their 700 wheels are ideal for the adventures of cycling, mountain or city with specific frames for men and women .

The birth of Best hybrid bikes

In the late 70’s the market was dominated by road bikes, commonly 10 speeds and city bikes of a speed and brake pedal. At the end of this decade and the beginning of the 80’s mountain bikes emerge, which gained popularity quickly.

Despite their popularity, mountain bikes were not an ideal solution for those looking for an urban bike, because they are heavy and slow. To this, the manufacturers responded with the creation of bicycles specially designed for the city, combining characteristics of the mountain bikes and those of route. And so hybrid bicycles were born.

Characteristics of Best hybrid bikes

Within the hybrids can be found variants, there are those that are more similar to the route bikes and others with characteristics more similar to the MTB as you will see later. But in general this type of bikes are characterized by their:


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